What Were the Fashion Trends in the 1920s?

The 1920s was a big year for fashion. The year before had been a bad one for women’s clothing. Loose garments were really unpopular with suffragettes who felt uncomfortable walking around with their shirts unbuttoned, buttons undone, or even with their cuffs open. Things were very different for women in Continue Reading

What Is the Fashion Trend Today?

Every year Fashion Week NYC takes center stage to showcase all the latest trends in clothing styles, color schemes, and designs. This popular event also gives major designers the chance to show their work and their new fashion concepts. Every year Fashion Week NYC witnesses some of the hottest and Continue Reading

What Is India’s Most Fashionable Trend 2100?

India is slowly emerging as the most fashionable in the world with new styles and trends constantly appearing all over the country. The Indian Clothing Market is fast growing into a major fashion trend due to the increased demand for stylish clothes among Indian masses. With more people dressing up Continue Reading

Mega Trend in Fashion

Mega trends are all the rage in the world of fashion nowadays. There is no question that designers and their creations have become very popular across the globe with the advent of social media websites, and even social networking sites such as Facebook. One of the biggest trends that are Continue Reading

What Fashion Trends Were Popular in the 90s?

The question as to what fashion trends were popular in the 90s is something that comes up time again. Popularity in fashion is based on how many people are buying clothes in particular fashions, but this trend can also be determined by how long the fashion trends have been around. Continue Reading